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"Our VISION is to end unnecessary sleep deprivation and its detrimental effects on young families"

Why YOU Should Become a Sleep Nanny Consultant

  • 1

    Become a successful business owner while having time for your family

    Do you want to work from home to be with your children? Or have the freedom to be there for the school run while still having a career and that sense of achievement that's yours? The Sleep Nanny® was built by a mum who understands this only too well. This is YOUR opportunity to do something special for yourself and your family!

  • 2

    Earn an income without limitation

    As a Certified Sleep Nanny Consultant, you can provide a service that compensates you for your time and there are no limits! If you just want to help one or two families each week, that's fab. If you want to help more, you'll earn more - simple! No-one sets your salary or places a cap on your income. IT'S IN YOUR HANDS!

  • 3

    Make a difference by changing lives for the better

    This is hands down the single most rewarding job in the world! If you have been through the trials of parental sleep deprivation, you'll know how grateful you'd be to have someone support you and make it all better. When you give a family back their sleep, you save marriages, avert accidents, relieve depression, help little ones thrive and revive happiness - FACT!

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    An amazing opportunity with The Sleep Nanny Academy

    The Sleep Nanny Certification is a proven and result driven system. It doesn't matter if you're a new mum, experienced mum, or on the way to becoming a mum or not a mum at all! You will be handed all the information, training, and knowledge you need in order to SUCCESSFULLY help other mums put their little ones to sleep WITHOUT STRESS!

Here's What You'll Learn!

We teach responsive, holistic and evidence based approaches to overcoming baby and child sleep challenges.

Using the latest research from neuroscience and behavioural psychology, this in-depth training will have you equipped and confident to to help sleep deprived families.

Sleep Science

  • What is sleep and why we sleep
  • Impact of sleep deprivation
  • Biology and physiology of sleep
  • Behavioural psychology and learning to sleep
  • Sleep and Brain Development
  • Types and stages of sleep
  • Circadian rhythms, hormones and environmental influence
  • Child development and sleep

Infant Sleep

  • Sleep needs, naps and transitional stages
  • Temperament - traits and effects
  • Types of crying, normal vs harmful
  • Identifying distress and fear
  • Secure attachment & healthy bond
  • Self-settling: meaning & significance
  • What is sleep training
  • Evidence on effects of sleep training
  • Sleep Disorders

Responsive Solutions

  • The power of consistency
  • Routine, rhythms and cues
  • Feeding & Sleep
  • Sleep associations
  • Sleep location and environment
  • Co-sleeping
  • Clock changes - time zones
  • Sickness and teething
  • New baby sleep prep
  • Toddler specific challenges
  • Early rising

Helping Families

  • Assessing and planning
  • The consultation process
  • Parenting style & effective solutions
  • Supporting the family and emotional support
  • Anxious parents
  • Coping strategies for parents
  • Overcoming challenging scenarios
  • Establishing professional boundaries
  • Delivering an outstanding service

Further Topics

  • Working with twins
  • Working with adoptive families
  • Travel and sleep
  • Allergies
  • Nutrition and reflux
  • Potty training
  • Developmental, sensory and special needs

Business & Marketing

  • How to operate a successful sleep consultancy worldwide
  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Using social media and local community
  • Building an engaged audience
  • Lead generation
  • Converting prospects
  • Contact management and nurturing
  • Business and marketing automation

What Sleep Nanny Academy graduates are saying...

Kerry O'Neil

Mum of two

My business, my way

"I now run my own business on my own terms whilst also looking after my son, it's the best of both worlds! I'm so happy I became a Sleep Nanny Consultant!"

Sarah Nicholas

Mum of two

A flying start

"I'm so glad I invested in myself and became a Sleep Nanny Consultant. It's paid me back and then some and i'm just getting started!"

Hayley Firman

Mum of two

Simply life changing

"I feel I've found my calling. I get to help others, do something I love and give my family more too!"

About The Founder

The Sleep Nanny® founder, Lucy Shrimpton is your trainer and mentor. Lucy shares with you EVERYTHING you need to know to be able to confidently help sleep deprived families get their lives back!


Lucy's has completed RCN endorsed and RCPCH accredited training as a sleep practitioner in the UK as well as two additional training programmes in the USA and continued study.


She is also best selling author of The Sleep Nanny System. A sought after keynote speaker, regularly featured in the press and interviewed for TV and radio, she has rapidly become the 'go-to expert' on infant sleep. A mother of two who has lived and breathed intense parental sleep deprivation herself, she empathises with the families she serves. Lucy has an unstoppable passion to make a difference.


“The Sleep Nanny® mission is to revolutionise family happiness by beating parental sleep deprivation. I cannot do this alone, so join me on this mission and help change the world, one happy family at a time”


Lucy Shrimpton


No Worries... We have you covered!

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Theory and practical training allows you to put your learning into real life scenarios

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Fully interactive - You'll participate live 'in the classroom' every week without any travel expense

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No rush, no stress! Once in, you can complete at your own pace. You won't be left behind

The Demand - Why You'll Be Successful

  • 92% of infant sleep issues are behavioural (not medical) and can be solved by trained sleep consultants!

  • 1 in 4 children will have a behavioural sleep problem!

  • Child sleep disorders are reported to cost the UK alone £40 billion per year!

  • Parents are confused as many solutions are counter-intuitive. Experts are needed!

Is this program Right for You?

Not everybody is right for this career path and being a Sleep Nanny® Consultant may not be for you...


  • A parent who wants to be a role model for her children!

  • A parent who has ambition, dreams & you know you are destined for more!

  • Someone who not only wants to support her family physically, but also financially!

  • A person who wants flexibility, freedom, and control of their income + life!

  • Someone who doesn't want to settle and live a standard life!

  • Those who desire a flexible career with high income potential!

  • Those who have an interest, passion or experience in helping families or children!

  • Someone who wants to change lives for the better and make a difference!

  • Those who are ready to invest in building their own business with our training and support!


  • Someone who thinks they won't need to work hard.

  • Someone looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme...

  • Someone who is looking for a job where they're told when to work

  • Someone who isn't fully committed...

  • Someone who is not one to take action!

  • Someone who is uncomfortable talking with people they don't know...

  • An introverted, shy or not personable character

  • Someone who thinks we will do it for you

Find our more...

If you are curious about your potential to be a successful sleep consultant and having your own business to fit your own lifestyle goals, schedule your Clarity Call today!

Why YOU will be a successful C.E.O Mum!

  • We will teach you our proven marketing and business systems!

  • You won't have to spend days, weeks, months or years learning the secrets of the industry!

  • You'll have ABSOLUTE freedom which means you can go at your own pace, making it easy for you to stick to the program!

  • Your ambition will finally be put to use, creating a more fulfilling life!

  • Not only is there a demand for our services, it is SOUGHT OUT!

  • A successful business requires mentorship - which is why Lucy will be your mentor!

Business and marketing training

Sleep Nanny Academy provides business and marketing training so that you can take your expertise and turn it into a successful business of your own.


This program was created with your success in mind and we ensure you're equipped to succeed in the information industry. 

More than a generic course on baby and child sleep

We deliver training to give you expertise, the knowledge and confidence to actually operate your own business as a sleep consultant. Many courses are designed to enhance the knowledge of healthcare and childcare professionals. Sleep Nanny Academy will go way beyond with our in-depth, professional training program.

Graduate Membership 

Upon completion of your training and certification you are invited to join our graduate membership. This is for those who would like to stay connected and get additional support and mentoring while growing their business. It is completely optional but we have you covered if you like being part of a community and would like the ongoing support.

Results our graduates are getting...

Eileen Macdonald

Mum to twin boys

All round fulfilment

"Becoming a Sleep Nanny Consultant has completely enhanced my life. I'm a better wife, a better mum and I'm helping others!"

Emma Lambert

CEO Mum!!

Business and life balance

Enrolling on Sleep Nanny Academy is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I love every minute of my working day, I feel successful in my own right again, earn a substantial income, and it doesn't impact time with my family. It's the perfect balance!'


How many hours per week would I need for my business?

How long will the training take?

Do I pay any percentage of my earnings to The Sleep Nanny®?

How do I get clients?

Will I have a recognised qualification?

Can I apply at a later date?

What happens when I apply?

Are there payment plans available?

Let's recap: What you get with Sleep Nanny Academy™

  • Comprehensive training course including theory, practical work and assignments so you will graduate with complete confidence to practice as a baby and child sleep consultant.

  • Live classes bring you close mentorship and engagement with your fellow students

  • You'll have ABSOLUTE freedom which means you can go at your own pace, making easy for you to stick to the program!

  • Gain certification in an impactful profession and create a more fulfilling life!

  • Feel equipped and confident about starting your own business

  • Rest assured with the option of continued guidance from your trainers and mentors 

Special Bonus!!

Free guidance with your own child's sleep

You'll receive a 1:1 consult-call with Lucy to troubleshoot your own baby or child's sleep challenges. This not only helps you and your family to get the rest you need but it also gives you a fist hand experience of implementing sleep guidance as your clients will!


We guarantee you our dedicated support and guidance from start to completion of the academy program whether you complete in 8 weeks or choose to take it slower, we're here for you every step of the way.

Q: How much do I need to invest in myself?

Choose your training program

This page shows what our standard academy includes for those looking for Sleep Nanny Certification.


We provide training options ranging from £1-6K

Schedule your clarity call to find out which program is right for you.

The following payment plans are available anytime for the Sleep Nanny Certification program outlined on this page:

When you enrol on one of these plans, you can start the program right away (so long as we have space)!


x 1 payment


One time


x 3 payments


per month


x 5 payments


per month

Applications are due NOW!

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